Brio 210B- HDMI Bluetooth Karaoke Mixer w/ 2X 2.4GHz wireless microphone Reverb effect Pitch Shift Recording Vocal Remove
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2.4GHz Wireless Microphones

Brio 210B- HDMI Bluetooth Karaoke Mixer w/ 2X 2.4GHz wireless microphone Reverb effect Pitch Shift Recording Vocal Remove

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Brio 210b HDMI Karaoke Mixer

Makes Any Party THE Party!

Sounding like a professional singer has never been easier! Flip any song from your iPad, iPhone, or smart phone and make it yours! And, with the 210b’s professional recording ability, you can capture your high-quality performance and share it with your friends online. This palm-sized mixer uses state-of-the-art reverb sound effects to make you into the singer you’ve always dreamed you could be.    

Get Ready for A Singing Revolution:

Have you limited your voice to behind closed doors? Have you tried and failed to find a song that suits your personal sound? Have you simply been settling for singing into a wooden spoon in your kitchen? Well it’s time to open the doors, turn up your favorite song, and grab a wireless mic because the 210b has revolutionized the art of singing at home. The days of sitting on the sideline watching others shine are over.  

Freedom of Voice

If you can dream it, you can be it. If you can find it, you can sing it. With the 210b’s cutting-edge voice modifier and equalizer, you’re finally free to make your voice sound exactly as you’ve always wanted it to. You’ll quickly fall in love with the music you’re able to create and with this mixers professional quality recording technology, you’ll be able to capture it and share it with friends online.

Ready When You Are

Call up your friends and start handing out the mics because with the ability to connect to four mics simultaneously, this mixer allows you to share the experience with your closest friends. Its compact size makes it perfect for tucking into your purse on your way to a family reunion, tossing it into your backpack before heading to a house party, or zipping it up in your suitcase before visiting a friend across the country. The 210b is ready when you are, and with wireless features, you’ll never have to worry about getting upset because of tangled cords.  

Specialized 2.4GHz Wireless Vocal Microphone

The 210b has a built-in 2.4GHz wireless microphone receiver, to achieve the best All-in-One integration and two StageMike microphones are included as well. The microphones specialized for stage performances have wider frequencies for the purpose of singing, acting, and more audio needs that demand high volume and dynamics. The feature allows authentic vocal without distortion or noise, projecting the original voice at its best quality. The microphone is also simply and stylishly designed, for an elegant and professional appearance.

It’s Whatever You Want It To Be

With this little black box, you’re able to not just sing along to your favorite songs, but become the voice of that song. Capable of flipping any song from any smart device with its real-time technology, the skies the limit for your voice. Its unparalleled vocal reducing software allows you to take the lead in your favorite songs while customizing the sound of the music to fit you with a simple push of a button.            


Portable Design 210b Makes Singing Easy

Grab your friends, smart phone, tablet, smart TV box/dongle, Apple TV, STB, laptop, or game player and get ready because you’re about to experience singing at home on a whole new level! The 210b is the perfect reason to take your singing out of the shower and into the world. Its 5.5-inches-squared dimension makes it perfectly portable. Whether it’s in your living or at a friend’s party on the other side of the world, the mixer is ready to go!

Wireless and HD Audio/ Video

210b works with all smart devices with HDMI or Bluetooth connections. It’s Plug n’ Play mixer makes it easy for anyone to use. Not only is it easy, but the 210b utilizes an exceptional wireless technology that ensures the music and microphones transmission will never get caught up in tangled cords.

Versatile Inputs

With the HDMI input connector, the 210b provides direct and easy access to HD audio/video on any device including wireless systems for those who wish to access Airplay, Google Cast and Miracast*. Have a great song you want to sing to on your smart phone, tablet or laptop? The 210b supports Bluetooth and AUX headphones as well, enabling it to receive and display music from anywhere it’s stored.  
* Need additional Apple TV, Google Chromecast, or Miracast Dongle or to support wireless transmission of Miracast or Airplay. Airplay is a trademark of Apple Inc.

One Touch Control

With the IR remote control in your hand, you can make the sound you’ve dreamed about into a reality. Want softer instrumentals to accompany your voice? The remote lets you control both the volume on the microphone as well as the volume of the song. Find yourself struggling to adjust your natural pitch to fit the song? The 210b has a feature that enables you to modify the pitch to match your range. You’ll also be able to control the reverb and echo levels of the sound, allowing you to sing like a pro. All this, in combination with the vocal multiplexing, real-time vocal reduce, as well as recording capability, makes this remote the key to creating the perfect sound!

Microphone Inputs

Great experiences are made even better when they can be shared with friends. Because of the two 1/4” (6.3mm) jacks in the front panel and the 2.4GHz wireless receiver that can be slipped into the bottom allowing you to connect to two wireless microphones, up to four mics can be used at once. And, by incorporating an integrated microphone gain amplifier, a undeniable warmth is added to your harmonized voices.

Automatic Frequency Locking

210b’s wireless microphone uses the digital hopping frequency technology on its channel setting. With its advanced design, the microphone will lock on a clear channel automatically once turned on. It’s simplistic and easy to use for the user, with no need for manual channel settings. Furthermore, it will not interfere with other frequencies like many other VHF/UHF devices.

HDMI Input/ Output Interface

Your voice and the music will become one indistinguishable masterpiece in less than a second with the 210b’s digital interface. Our exclusive HDMI technology enables your voice to be interwoven with the original audio. No longer will you have to settle for singing in the background, the advance digital decoding and encoding turns you into the primary vocalist. The remixed audio is able to encode your voice with the original video and transmit it to an HD TV based on a HDMI 1.4 standard.

CD Quality Recording

Don’t have the fame needed to put you in contact with professional recording companies? Don’t have the money to reserve your slot in a studio? Well, there’s no need for either when perfection is now possible from home. With the push of a button, the 210b accesses recording software with a 48KHz/16-bit sampling rate. This state-of-the-art technology generates CD quality recordings with output WAV files able to be shared via Facebook, YouTube, Sound Cloud and other social networks or you can create your own movie video album to distribute as a hardcopy to your closest fans.  

Real-time Vocal Reduction for your Unlimited Content Provision

There are over 10 million songs on YouTube, sung in countless languages and performed in ever growing versions. By using our cutting-edge proprietary vocal reduce technology, the vocals of any MP3/MV song you find can be reduced down to a virtually inaudible frequency, leaving the slot of lead vocalist open and ready for you to fill. And, with its advanced real-time technology, the vocal reduce can work on any song found on YouTube, Spotify, various APPs, or even your own personal MP3 collection.

*The vocal reduction ranges from 50-80% according to the recording environment
*The vocal reduction feature cannot be applied to songs with group singers


Dimensions & Weight

  • 14 x 14 x 3.3 cm
  • 5.5 x 5.5 x 1.3 inch
  • 375g, 13.5 oz


  • DC 5V2A Power Input
  • IR Remote Control
  • Operating Temperature
  • 320F to 1220F, 00C to 500C


Microphone Input

  • 2 x Ø6.3mm Microphone Jacks, 600Ω±30%
  • Wireless Microphone Receiver

Audio/Video Input

  • HDMI 1.4a, Type A Connector
  • Bluetooth 3.0 for Wireless Audio
  • Ø3.5 mm Jack for AUX Audio Input

Audio/Video Output

  • HDMI 1.4a, Type A Connector
  • RCA Analog Audio Output
  • Ø3.5mm Jack for Headphone Output


  • MicroSD Card Slot (Up to 32GB)
  • for Recorded Files Storage

Karaoke Features

  • Digital Mixing & Vocal Multiplexing
  • Versatile 8 Reverb/Echo Effect presets
  • +12 ~ -12 Pitch Adjustment
  • Real-Time Vocal Reduce
  • Volume Adjustment of Music and MIC
  • CD Quality Recording
  • 48KHz/16-Bit Recording

Package Includes

  • 210b Main Set
  • 2x Wireless Microphone (StageMike)
  • IR Remote Control
  • HDMI Cable
  • AC Power Cord
  • Audio Cable
  • User Guide